All-FCWT 2013-2014 Teams and Annual Awards

The FCWT is pleased to announce the All-FCWT 2013-2014 Teams. These awards recognize the accomplishments of our junior golfers during FCWT junior golf tournaments for 2013-2014. During the course of the this season each player selected to the All-FCWT team won at least one FCWT junior golf tournament. Many of them also had multiple top 3 or top 5 finishes. The All-FCWT 2013-2014 Teams are listed alphabetically by team.

All-FCWT 2013-2014 Awards

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FCWT Faces of the Future

The FCWT Faces of the Future award was established in 2005 to recognize the up and coming talent on the Future Collegians World Tour.  Many of the junior golfers who have received this award have gone on to be named to an All-FCWT team in the future. The FCWT congratulates this season’s honorees who represent 16 FCWT wins as well as more than 25 Top 3 finishes during the 2013-2014 season.  This year’s FCWT Faces of the Future are:

Carson Levit of San Francisco, CA

Jack Lundin of Sioux Falls, SD

John Richardson of London, England

Artem Yalovenko of Russia

Hannah Archuleta of West Linn, OR

Taylor Hakala of Milton, WI

Gabrielle Tomeo of Bradenton, FL

Amelia Root of Jacksonville, FL

Jennifer Zhou of China

Kimberlee Tottori of Las Vegas, NV


FCWT Players of Promise

During the 2006-2007 season the FCWT added the Player of Promise award for the youngest age divisions. During the 2013-2014 season, four junior golfers have distinguished themselves for this award. With a combination of 22 wins this season, 7 by one player, the FCWT Players of Promise for 2013-2014 are:

Joseph Pagdin of Orlando, FL

Collier Curd of Bowling Green, KY

Clay Stirsman of Carmel, IN

Alice Yu of China


All-FCWT 2013-2014 Academic Team

In 2004, the FCWT began recognizing the Academic achievements of its members.  Each subsequent season the selected players have met or exceeded the standard of Academic excellence set by the original team.   This season was no exception.  There were three perfect scores of 800 on various sections of the SAT achieved by members of this season’s team.  In addition, several honorees were in the top 98th percentile in the PSAT, SAT or ACT.  Congratulations players for being so committed to your academic responsibilities. This season’s FCWT Academic Team recipients are:

Jordyn Deardorff of Glendale, AZ

Angela Zhang of Danville, CA

Gavin deFisser of Gilbert, AZ

Benjamin Albin of Santa Fe, NM

Shrish Dwivedi of Redwood City, CA

Sydney Babiak of Martinez, CA

Christopher White of Garden City, NY

William Bertelson of Weston, MA

Jake Leffew of Vero Beach, FL

Seiya Liu of Beverly Hills, CA

Isabella Wang of Renton, WA

Kenyon Kautz of Oro Valley, AZ

Jared Barclay


FCWT extends Honorable Mention to:

Christina Parsells of Bernardsville, NJ

Michael OKeefe of St. Louis, MO

Divya Manthena of Moorpark, CA

Christopher Pollen of Bradenton, FL

Youn Sung “John” Kim of Toronto, ON, Canada


Boys 13-15 Third Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the FCWT Boys 13-15 division 3rd Team All-FCWT had at least one tournament win during the 2013-2014 season.  Collectively they represent 11 wins.  This year’s recipients of the FCWT Boys 13-15 division 3rd Team All-FCWT Award are:

Guillermo Casares of Mexico

Ryan Crema of England

A. J. Ewart of Coquitlam, Canada

Andrew Eyre of Salem, OR

Joe Highsmith of Lakewood, WA

Chi Hou Lok of China

Matthieu Lu of Castro Valley, CA

Lucas Marin of Bogota, Colombia

Andrew McInerney of Natick, MA

Kolbey Moreno of San Jose, CA

Harrison Yu of La Quinta, CA


Boys 13-15 division Second Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the Boys 13-15 2nd Team All-FCWT had a win plus another Top 3 finish during the 2013-2014 season.  Collectively they earned 8 wins and 19 Top 3 finishes.  These players have demonstrated their ability to consistently play with the best.  This year’s recipients of the FCWT Jim McLean Boys 13-15 division 2nd Team are:

Ahmed Ali of Palo Alto, CA

Thomas Allkins of Victoria, BC, Canada

Tyson Dinsmore of Los Altos Hills, CA

T. Andrew DiPetrillo of Dover, MA

Tyler Forbes of Jamaica Plain, MA

Jordi Serbia of Spain

Patrick Wu of Taipei of Taiwan

Eric Yiu of China


Boys 13-15 division 1st Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the Boys 13-15 1st Team All-FCWT had more than one win in the Boys 13-15 division during the 2013-2014 season.  Collectively, this team represents 18 wins. This year’s recipients of the FCWT Boys 13-15 division 1st Team All-FCWT Award are:

Will Grevlos of Sioux Falls, SD

Callum Davison of La Quinta, CA

Miguel Maisterra of Mexico

Garrett deFisser of Gilbert, AZ

Manuel Girona of Windermere, FL

Jake Kuwitzky of McKinney, TX

Daulet Tuleubayev of Kazakhstan


Girls 15 -19 division 3rd Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the Girls 3rd Team All-FCWT had at least one win this season.  These junior golfers collectively earned 7 wins this season.  The recipients of the Third Team All-American award in the Girls 15-19 division are:

Mackenzie Butzer of Chatham, Canada

Morgan Goldstein of Las Vegas, NV

Tess Hackworthy of Madison, WI

Lucy Hou of Jianshu, China

Megan Khang of Rockland, MA

Emily Laskin of Elk Grove, CA

Rachele Miller of Bettendorf, IA


Girls 15 -19 division 2nd Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the FCWT 2nd Team All-FCWT had a win and another Top 3 finish during the 2013-2014 season.   Collectively, this team represents 13 wins and more than 30 Top 3 finishes.  The recipients of the Second Team All-FCWT award in the 15-19 Girls division are:

Samantha Lee Barker of Highlands Ranch, CO

Abby Burditt of St. Augustine, FL

Sophie DiPetrillo of Dover, MA

Kelly Fang of Foster City, CA

Ariadna Fonseca of Venezuela

Sophia Hill of Medford, MN

Chloe Horton of Miami, FL

Yuka Kajiki of Japan

Divya Manthena of Moorpark, CA

Megan Rachey of Waconia, MN

Jean Tyrrell of Leawood, KS

Diana Camila Velez of Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

Anne Yu of China


Girls 15-19 division 1st Team All-FCWT 2013-2014

During the 2013-2014 season, each young lady selected to the FCWT Girls 1st Team All-FCWT earned more than one win.  Collectively, this team represents 16 wins and over 20 Top 3 finishes. The recipients of the First Team All-American award in the 15-19 Girls division are:

Csilla Rozsa of Budapest, Hungary

Sydney Babiak of Martinez, CA

Jordyn Deadorff of Glendale, AZ

Maho Hayakawa of Japan

Annie Kim of Seoul, South Korea

Ailin Li of Qingdao, China

Simar Singh of Los Altos, CA


Boys 15-19 division THIRD TEAM All-FCWT 2013-2014

The junior golfers selected to the FCWT Boys 15-19 division THIRD TEAM All-FCWT each won a tournament during the 2013-2014 season. Players on this team represent states across the country and countries around the world.  The recipients of the THIRD TEAM All-American award in the Boys 15-19 division are:

Carlos Ardila of Cucuta, Colombia

Andrew Beckler of Topeka, KS

William Brueckner of Walnut Creek, CA

Mark Cobey of Woodland, CA

Addison Coll of Arlington, VA

Matthew Cowgill of Weston, MA

Cristian DiMarco of Longwood, FL

Conor Dore of Chicago, IL

Riley Elmes of Lake Oswego, OR

Harrison Frye of Gastonia, NC

Chase Ibbotson of Sanford, FL

Jake Kelley of Littleton, CO

Tiger Lee of Hong Kong

Sam Musch of Rapid City, SD

Alex Rainville St. Johnsbury, VT

Angel Ramos of Doral, FL

Ben Sear of Stouffville, ON, Canada

Priyanshu Singh of Delhi, India

Zach Smith of Pleasanton, CA

Jacob Solomon of Dublin, CA

Paul Stankey of Eden Prairie, MN

Kaylor Steger of Sturtevant, WI


Boys 15-19 division SECOND TEAM All-FCWT 2013-2014

Each member of the FCWT Boys 15-19 division SECOND TEAM All-FCWT won a regular season tournament as well as earning an additional Top 3 finish during the 2013-2014 season.  The recipients of the SECOND TEAM All-FCWT award in the Boys 15-19 division are:

Luis Acevedo of Venezuela

Philip Barbaree of Shreveport, LA

Connor Chesky of Saint Helena, CA

Corey Eddings of Roseville, CA

Maxwell Redetzke of Lakeville, MN


Boys 15-19 division FIRST TEAM All-FCWT 2013-2014

Five Young Men distinguished themselves this season by winning more than one FCWT Junior Golf Tournament at the Boys 15-19 division.  Representing 13 wins for the 2013-2014 season, the Boys 15-19 division First Team All-FCWT:

Andreas Halvorsen of Larvik, Norway

David Snyder of McAllen, TX

Quinn Carlsen of El Dorado Hills, CA

Shirsh Dwivedi of Redwood City, CA

Drake Hull of Rutland, VT


For the Good of the Game” award

In 2004 the FCWT began selecting a player or players who represent the game of golf well under a variety of circumstances.  The FCWT has presented these players with the “For the good of the game award”.  Each year the FCWT staff reviews the nominees and then selects the young people who have consistently shown demeanor that has been fitting of a Champion.  The players chosen this season have played in 30 FCWT tournaments over the last four seasons.

It gives the FCWT great pleasure to announce this year’s recipients of the FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME award:

All-FCWT 2013-2014

Leonardo Coll and Kristina Ortiz

All-FCWT 2013-2014


Players of the Year (13-15 Boys division)

The Boys 13-15 division saw a lot of regional play this season, with many players participating in multiple events in the same region of the country.  For the 2013-2014 season the FCWT has selected three regional Players of the Year.  This year’s recipients from the Boys 13-15 division are:

All-FCWT 2013-2014

Will Grevlos as the Central Region Player of the Year. Will won at Whistling Straits, Kansas and Notre Dame.

Callum Davison as the Western Region Player of the Year.

All-FCWT 2013-2014

Miguel Maisterra as the Eastern Region Player of the Year. Miguel won at Stonegate.


Players of the Year (Girls 15-19 division)

Play in the Laura Diaz Girls 15-19 division this season was very evenly matched across the country, with one exception.  Multiple young ladies won two FCWT tournaments this season, but one young lady won four times.  The FCWT is pleased to award the Girls’ Player of the Year award to:

Csilla Rozsa of Budapest, Hungary


Players of the Year (Boys 15-19)

The FCWT has selected two players of the year in the Boys 15-19 division.  The junior golfer selected as the Boys 15-19 division East Region Player of the Year played in 7 tournaments and never finished lower than tied for 6th.  The player selected as the Boys 15-19 division West Region Player of the Year played in 3 tournaments and won all three.  The West Region Player of the Year is David Snyder from McAllen, TX.

All-FCWT 2013-2014

The East Region Player of the Year is Andreas Halvorsen from Larvik, Norway. Halvorsen won at Disney, ChampionsGate, Eagle Creek and Harmony.


Courage and Perseverance Award

This year marks the beginning of a new FCWT award called the “Courage and Perseverance Award”. This award is presented to a FCWT participant who digs deep down, and uses their inner strength to face adversity head-on.

There could not be a better initial recipient of this award than the young man who is with us tonight.

Last year when doctors diagnosed him with Undifferentiated Pelvic Sarcoma, he was told that he would lose part of his pancreas and need a hip replacement. He had to put his goal of obtaining a college golf scholarship aside as the doctors told him and his family that he would have 5% chance of living and would never play golf again.

In the last year he has had tumors removed from his pelvis and pancreas, been through 7 rounds of chemotherapy and had two major surgeries.

He has fought hard, beaten the odds and is in the process of a full recovery.

Love of Golf

The game of golf has given him hope and focus though this difficult time and has given him extra incentive to push forward and reach for his dreams.

In September, The Children’s Wish Foundation granted him his wish of playing the OLD COURSE at St. Andrews and he got the chance to live the dream of so many golfers around the world.

This weekend marks his return to the FCWT, and he is competing for the same things many of you are; recognition from college coaches, the desire to win and the love of golf.

He is an inspiration and amazing example of what can be accomplished even when faced with what may seem like insurmountable odds.

This year’s Courage and Perseverance Award recipient is Dustin Barr.

All-FCWT 2013-2014


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