2014-2015 All-FCWT Junior Golf Awards Ceremony

The 2014-2015 All-FCWT Junior Golf Awards Ceremony took place on Friday night preceding the 2015 FCWT Tour Championship. Junior Golfers were recognized for outstanding achievements both on and off the golf course.

2014-2015 All-FCWT and other Junior Golf Awards Ceremony

2014-2015 All-FCWT

2014-2015 Faces of the Future

The Faces of the Future Award recognizes the accomplishments on the golf course by the youngest players on the Future Collegians World Tour. Many of these junior golfers are not even teenagers yet. This year’s team won 7 FCWT junior golf tournaments during the 2014-2015 season. Look for all of them to be in the winner’s circle again at the next level. This year’s Faces of the Future Award is presented to:

Allison Paik, Providence, RI (2020)

Bailee Tayles, Scottsdale, AZ (2021)

Ananda Zhai, Woodbury, MN (2021)

Artem Kaptur, Moscow, Russia (2022)

Sungwoo Kim, Goyangsi, South Korea (2022)


2014-2015 All-FCWT Academic Team

Year after year the All-FCWT Academic Team demonstrates the phenomenal achievements of some of the FCWT student-athletes. Each season, the committee is so impressed with the efforts these junior golfers make in the classroom. This year’s team is no exception. Four members of the 2014-2015 All-FCWT Academic Team scored in the 98th percentile or higher on the overall PSAT score; 5 scored a perfect 800 on the Math portion of the SAT; 4 scored in the 98th percentile or higher on the Critical Reading portion of the SAT; and 5 of them scored in the 98th percentile or higher on their ACT composite score. Additionally, 2 are Valedictorians and 2 were National Merit Scholar finalists. The FCWT congratulates all the members of the 2014-2015 FCWT All-Academic Team for their exceptional efforts in the classroom:

Nelson Pang

William Lonnquist

Jessica Le

Christopher White

Justin Chae

Dylan Johnson

Gavin deFisser

Michael O’Keefe II

Dakota McNealy

Jake Goldman

Jack Fumagalli

Eric Verhey


2014-2015 All-FCWT Teams Boys 12-14 Division

The Future Collegians World Tour (FCWT) is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of our junior golfers in the Boys 12-14 division. These young men are learning to win against their peers which will serve them well in future competition.

Former FCWT player Patrick Rodgers, who recently finished 2nd at the PGA Tour’s Wells Fargo tournament after getting in on a sponsor’s exemption, said that he felt relaxed on the golf course during the event, not because he had been in that exact position before, but because he had been in it many times as a junior golfer, then as a collegiate golfer. In Patrick’s first FCWT season, he played the younger boys division and finished 3rd, tied for 4th, tied for 6th, tied for 2nd. In his second FCWT season, he chose to stay in the younger boys division when several of his fellow competitors played up. He won three times, finished 2nd twice and finished 3rd twice. The following year he moved to the oldest boys division and won 5 times and had two other Top 3 finishes.

The FCWT Founder, Jack Hopson, used to tell junior golfers: “learn to win then take it to the next level.” In Patrick’s case that strategy served him well.

3rd Team

The 2014-2015 All-FCWT Boys 12-14 division selections for the 3rd team all won a FCWT junior golf tournament this season. The members are:

Jonathan Dicks, Menlo Park, CA (2019)

Dylan Fritz, Las Vegas, NV (2019)

Ian Johnston, Swisher, IA (2019)

Taylor McGerity, Lake Mary, FL (2020)

Luke Sherrell, Maple Valley, WA (2021)

Preston Summerhays, Scottsdale, AZ (2020)


2nd Team

The 2014-2015 All-FCWT Boys 12-14 division selections for the 2nd team all won a FCWT junior golf tournament this season plus they had another Top 3 finish. This year’s recipients are:

Johnny Bai, Lake Mary, FL (2020)

Tyson Dinsmore, Los Altos Hills, CA (2018)

Michael Hauer, Jr., Faribault, MN (2020)

David Hu, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2019)

Hank Lierz, Saint Joseph, MO (2019)

Alejandro Madariaga, Puebla, Mexico (2019)

Scout McNealy, Portola Valley, CA (2019)

Jack O’Donnell, Cohasset, MA (2020)

Lucas Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2018)

Bo Peng, Lake Mary, FL (2019)

Robin Williams, Peterborough, United Kingdom (2019)


1st Team

The junior golfers selected for the 2014-2015 All-FCWT Boys 12-14 division all won multiple times this season. Among the three of them they share 12 tournament wins plus 17 Top 3 finishes. The year’s recipients are:

Eric Berggren, Windermere, FL (2019)

Joe Pagdin, Orlando, FL (2020)

Brian Stark, Kingsburg, CA (2019)


2014-2015 All-FCWT Girls 13-19 Teams

What do Jessica Korda, Yueer Cindy Feng, Ji Young Oh, Danielle Kang, Mina Harigae, and Jennifer Johnson all have in common? They all played and won FCWT tournaments and now all play at the professional level. Like many of the young women on the All-FCWT Teams, they devoted many hours to the game of golf and followed their dreams to the highest level.

3rd Team

Like the Boys 12-14 division, the Girls selected to the 3rd Team All-FCWT all won a FCWT junior golf tournament this season. These young ladies are from as far away as Japan and Colombia to as near as Pompano Beach, FL, and several points in between. This year’s 3rd Team Girls All-FCWT members are:

Carolina Andrade, Bogota, Colombia (2017)

Amanda Elich, West Linn, OR (2016)

Kelly Hunt, Brentwood, CA (2016)

Hannah Leiner, Pompano Beach, FL (2017)

Ellen Secor, Portland, OR (2016)

Karin Takeyama, Hyogo, Japan (2015)


2nd Team

The members of the Girls All-FCWT 2nd team reflect an even broader international scope than the 3rd team. Members are from Indonesia, Venezuela, South Korea, plus 6 different states. All these young ladies won a FCWT junior golf tournament this season and had another Top 3 finish as well. This year’s team members are:

Gavrilla Arya, Jakarta, Indonesia (2015)

Angela Bagasbas, CA (2018)

Clare Dittemore, Roseburg, OR (2015)

Mikayla Fitzpatrick, Phoenix, AZ (2016)

Ariadna Fonseca, Venezuela (2015)

Sophia Hill, Medford, MN (2015)

Anika Hitt, Mequon, WI (2015)

Katie Kasper, Bismarck, ND (2016)

Annie Kim, Seoul, South Korea (2018)

Hailey White, Danville, CA (2016)


1st Team

The young lady golfers selected to the FCWT’s 1st Team all won multiple tournaments during the 2014-2015 season. Like the other Girls teams they represent 4 states and 4 other countries. They range in age from 13 to 18, from 7th grade to seniors. There are “rookies” and long-timers on this team, one young lady has played FCWT tournaments all four years of high school. Together they represent 16 wins and 23 Top 3 finishes. This year’s members of the Girls 1st Team All-FCWT are:

Amy Zhang, Lake Mary, FL (2018)

Alisa Snyder of Phoenix, AZ (2016)

Sydney Babiak, Martinez, CA (2015)

Sophie Liu, Vancouver, Canada (2016)

Katie Um of Portsmouth, RI (2016)

Mami Yamamoto of Tokyo, Japan (2015)

Anne Yu of Shanghai, China (2020)


2014-2015 All-FCWT Boys 15-19 Teams

Who finished in 2nd place at the 2005 FCWT Championship? You may have heard of him. His name is Rickie Fowler and in 2005 he finished in a tie for the lead after 54-holes of golf on the Champ Course here at PGA National with Seath Lauer of Bradenton, FL. Lauer won the playoff, but as you all know, Fowler continued to take his game to the next level. Wins receive a lot of accolades, but the road to get to the winner’s circle requires a lot of time and commitment. The young men selected to the 2014-2015 All-FCWT Teams know what that means.

3rd Team

The junior golfers selected to the 3rd Team All-FCWT in the Boys 15-19 division all won a tournament this season. Together they represent 20 FCWT tournament wins. Representing 3 countries and 10 states the members of the 2014-2015 team are:

A J Armstrong, St. Albert, Canada (2015)

Matthew Bachmann, Sheboygan Falls, WI (2016)

Dustin Barr, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada (2014)

Etienne Brault, Mercier, QC, Canada (2015)

Peter Griffith, Westlake Village, CA (2015)

Davis Lamb, Potomac, MD (2016)

Alex Lee, West Linn, OR (2015)

Philip Loeb, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (2015)

Laurids Lohr, Leipzig, Germany (2018)

Austin Long, El Dorado Hills, CA (2016)

Luke Long, Fayetteville, AR (2016)

Cole Madey, West Linn, OR (2015)

Sam McKay, Scottsdale, AZ (2016)

Shane Muldowney, Carlsbad, CA (2017)

Charles Osborne, Reno, NV (2018)

Parker Reddig, Minneapolis, MN (2017)

Mark Turner, Gloucester, MA (2017)

Tim Umphrey, Northborough, MA (2016)

Dylan VanderVeer, El Dorado Hills, CA (2016)

Kevin Velo, Danville, CA (2015)


2nd Team

Back to the 2005 FCWT Championship . . . any guesses on who finished 8th that year? A young man by the name of Sam Saunders of Windermere, FL. The following year Saunders, a senior, returned to the 2006 FCWT Championship and won the tournament. Following that win he was ranked the #1 junior golfer in the Golfweek/Titleist rankings. So wherever you are in your golf game, keep striving to get better. Each step takes you closer to your goal. Many of the young men on the 2nd Team All-FCWT were on previous FCWT teams either at a younger division or in a previous season at this level. Each of this year’s members won a tournament and had another Top 3 finish. This year’s recipients are:

Shrish Dwivedi, Redwood City, CA (2015)

Yash Majmudar, Singapore (2016)

Marcos Montenegro, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016)

Caleb Ramirez, Blythe, CA (2015)

Bradley Reeves, Woodbridge, CA (2016)

Daulet Tuleubayev, Almaty, Kazakhstan (2018)


1st Team

Someone has said to make money at something you have to spend 10,000 hours working on it first. Many of the young men on this team are well on their way to that 10,000 hour level. Each of them has won more than one FCWT junior golf tournament this season; combined they have 12 wins. This year’s 1st Team All-FCWT Boys 15-19 division members are:

2014-2015 All-FCWT

Jeg Coughlin III, Dublin, OH (2015)

Bryce Wortman, Klamath Falls, OR (2016)

Brett Beazant, Cheshire, England (2015)

Jacob Ludwick, St. Augustine, FL (2015)

John Sand, Hoquiam, WA (2017)


Player of the Year Awards

In the spring of 2006, a young lady began playing FCWT tournaments and never looked back. Ji Young Oh of South Korea played 5 FCWT junior golf tournaments that spring and won every one of them. She led the Girls division in scoring with an average of 70.55 and carded 4 rounds in the 60s in FCWT tournament play. She was named the 2006 FCWT East Region Player of the Year. Ji Young Oh now plays on the LPGA. The following players have been selected as Players of the Year for 2015 from their respective divisions:

2014-2015 All-FCWT

Eric Berggren, Windermere, FL (2019) – Overall Player of the Year Boys 12-14 division

Amy Zhang, Lake Mary, FL (2018) – East Region Player of the Year Girls division

Alisa Snyder of Phoenix, AZ (2016) – West Region Player of the Year Girls division

Jeg Coughlin III, Dublin, OH (2015) – East Region Player of the Year Boys 15-19 division

Bryce Wortman, Klamath Falls, OR (2016) – West Region Player of the Year Boys 15-19 division

2014-2015 All-FCWT

For the Good of the Game

Jack Nicklaus is quoted as saying “A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course.  Golf teaches you how to behave.”  The recipients of this next award embody that quotation.  In 2004 the FCWT began selecting a player who symbolized the “greatest game ever played;” a player who represented the game of golf well under a variety of circumstances.  Many players on the FCWT were nominated for this award this year, because many of you are that type of player.

During their seasons of play on the FCWT, the young people chosen for this award have been in the winner’s circle, have lost in “hard-fought” playoffs, and have had those “off” days when the ball just wasn’t going their way.  Yet through it all their demeanor has been fitting of a Champion.

Arnold Palmer is quoted as saying “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character” and that is what this award is about ~ strength of character.  This year’s recipients are:

Sydney Bormann from Parkston, SD and Jeg Coughlin III from Dublin, OH

2014-2015 All-FCWT

For the first time in the 2014-2015 season, the Future Collegians World Tour (FCWT) added an ongoing team competition to our tournaments. Golf Academies, schools, and international teams from Japan, Canada, and more participated in one or more tournaments. One team was undefeated in team competition this season. Eagles Dream won at Rio Pinar, Mission Inn, and Timacuan. During these three tournaments, the Eagles Dream team competed against every other team that played in two or more FCWT junior golf tournaments. So the inaugural FCWT Academy’s Cup Award goes to Eagles Dream Academy.

2014-2015 All-FCWT


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