Junior Golf Tournament Spotlight Muldowney Valaquenta Abbott

This FCWT Junior Golf Tournament Spotlight features two junior golfers from the West and one from the East. Throughout this season the FCWT has been showcasing junior golfers who succeed on the golf course in a variety of ways.
Junior Golfer Tournament Spotlight, Junior Golf Spotlight

Shane Muldowney, Low Round winner at PGA West, is from Carlsbad, CA. He is a senior who finished 10th at the FCWT Junior Golf Tournament PGA West 2017. Muldowney accomplished this by firing the Low Round of 70 on the final day even after opening with a round of 80.  Eighteen-year-old Shane told the FCWT: “I would like thank Titliest for sponsoring the FCWT event and a special thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at FCWT for running a great event at PGA West!”

The second junior golf tournament spotlight is on Greer Valaquenta of Florida. Greer, who is very new to competitive golf is from Bradenton, FL. Miss Valaquenta won the girls division at Rio Pinar. She is a member of the class of 2018. Greer told the FCWT:

Junior Golf Tournament Spotlight

” A year ago I began seriously playing golf , with the aim of becoming as good as possible. A year ago all I had was hope and determination. Now , I have my first real win. To quote Audrey Hepburn , there is no such thing as impossible . The very word says : I’m possible! Many thanks to the FCWT for hosting this event , and to my mentor David Whelan , for his amazing advice and English humor which has kept me sane ! Also , I thank my parents , who always love and support me no matter what sport I choose. See you at the next event!”

Junior Golf Tournament Spotlight

The third player in this junior golf tournament spotlight is Mitchell Abbott. Mitchell is 16 years old and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is playing in his 3rd season of FCWT junior golf tournaments. Abbott told the FCWT after the Half Moon Bay event: “I told myself all weekend on this golf course and in these conditions to “embrace the challenge.”

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