All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017 Season

The FCWT is pleased to announce the All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017. These awards recognize the accomplishments of our junior golfers during FCWT junior golf tournaments for 2016-2017. During the course of the this season each player selected to the All-FCWT team won at least one FCWT junior golf tournament. Many of them also had multiple top 3 or top 5 finishes. The All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017 are listed alphabetically by team.

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Boys 15-19 Division All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017

1st Team

Trey Davis (Plumas Lake, CA)

Grant Fairbairn (Orinda, CA)

Ryan Grauman (Alamo, CA)

Tyler Hull (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Griffin Long (Davis, CA)

2nd Team

Bennett Cotten (Winnetka, IL)

Callum Davison (La Quinta, CA)

Thomas Downing (Holliston, MA)

Jack Ebner (Edina, MN)

Jared Edeen (Cheyenne, WY)

Connor Glynn (Waconia, MN)

Berk Harvey (San Jose, CA)

Piercen Hunt (Hartland, WI)

Yaroslav Ilyenko (Stouffville, ON, Canada)

Grant Johnson (Walnut Creek, CA)

Clayton Kucera (Chaska, MN)

Jackson Lake (Clovis, CA)

Yuan-Wei Lin (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

Sun-Yi Lu (New Taipei City, Taiwan)

George McNeely (Carmel, CA)

Roberto Nieves (Miami, FL)

Jake Radom (Huntington Woods, MI)

Craig Radom (Klamath Falls, OR)

Cam Sandland (Phoenix, AZ)

Lucas Scherf (Grinnell, IA)

Reid Vail (Sacramento, CA)

Wei-Hsuan Wang (Kaohsiang City, Taiwan)


Girls All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017

1st Team

Annika Borrelli (Alamo, CA)

Megan Chou (Los Altos, CA)

Jordan Davis (Martinez, CA)

Nicole Lu (Taipei, Taiwan)

Aleksia Mikalacki (Scottsdale, AZ)

Lauren Thibodeau (Hampstead, NH)

2nd Team

Abby Cavaiani (Wales, WI)

Anni Heck (Eagan, MN)

Charlotte Hillary (Cherry Hills Village, CO)

Thin Wai Khaing (Yangon, Myanmar)

Caris Kim (Los Altos, CA)

Joanna Kim (Edina, MN)

Ritida Nanda (Alamo, CA)

Emily Nash (Lunenburg, MA)

Alison Paik (Providence, RI)

Kenedee Peters (Ephrata, WA)

Greer Valaquenta (Bradenton, FL)

Carissa Wu (Dublin, CA)

Rou Yin (China)

Sophia Yoemans (Red Wing, MN)

Sophie Zhang-Murphy (China)


Boys 12-14 Division All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017

1st Team

Rodolfo Castillo Solares (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

Justin Hopkins (Danville, CA)

Max Hutter (Weston, MA)

Wyatt McGovern (Hillsborough, CA)

Luke Sample (New York, NY)

Ben Soicher (Mill Valley, CA)

Jacob Tarkany (Scottsdale, AZ)

Bradley Vu (Santa Cruz, CA)

2nd Team

Michael Donnelly (Brewster, NY)

Carson Herron (Deephaven, MN)

Jack Homer (Scottsdale, AZ)

Aaron Jarvis (Georgetown, Grand Cayman)

Jack McCormick (Greenwood Village, CO)

Ian Meyer (Deephaven, MN)

Tommy Morrison (Potomac, MD)

Luke Tedford (Lake Forest, IL)

Johnny Wright (Orlando, FL)

Robert You (Nashua, NH)

Nolan Zaepfel (Jacksonville, FL)


All-FCWT Academic Team

All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017

Year after year the All-FCWT Academic Team demonstrates the phenomenal achievements of some of the FCWT student-athletes. Each season, the committee is so impressed with the efforts these junior golfers make in the classroom. This year’s team is no exception. Noted below are the members of the team as well as some highlights from each of their Academic bios:

Ryan Grauman (Alamo, CA) –  3.94 GPA and scoring 33 on the ACT twice

Max Holm (Walnut Creek, CA) –  3.97 GPA and a 33 on the ACT

Annabelle Huether (Tucson, AZ) –  4.17 GPA and a 33 on the ACT

Jared Khoo (Danville, CA) –  34 on the ACT (99th percentile)

Niav Layton (Palo Alto, CA) –  4.0 GPA and a 1380 (99th percentile) on the PSAT

Anirudh Mysore (Port Saint Lucie, FL) –  4.31 GPA and a 1470 on the SAT with a perfect 800 in Math

Justin Paik (Providence, RI) – 4.1 GPA and a 34 (99th percentile) on the ACT

Alexis Sudijanto (Charlotte, NC) –  4.61 GPA and a 1300 on the PSAT

Reid Vail (Sacramento, CA) –  33 on the ACT

Jonathan Wu (Hayward, CA) –  3.89 GPA, a 36 on the ACT (perfect score) and a 1520 on the SAT (99th percentile) with a perfect 800 in Math

Andy Zhou (Palo Alto, CA) –  3.84 GPA and a 35 on the ACT

Player of the Year

The FCWT Player of the Year is selected based on several criteria. One of the most important is a player’s ability to win tournaments. The FCWT’s Founder, Jack Hopson, used to encourage junior golfers to “learn to win at this level and then take that to the next.” The junior golfers selected for this award this season each won two FCWT junior golf tournaments during the season. Griffin won at Teal Bend and at The Bridges in San Ramon. He had five Top 5 finishes during the regular season. In nine tournaments he finished in the Top 20 all nine times. Griffin finished second in the FCWT points standing in his division for the season. Megan won at Coyote Creek in November and Sandpiper in February. She had 6 Top 5 finishes and finished no less than T7 during her 7 FCWT junior golf tournaments this season.

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Boys 15-19 Division Griffin Long (Davis, CA)

Girls 13-19 Division Megan Chou (Los Altos, CA)

For The Good of the Game

Jack Nicklaus is quoted as saying “A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course.  Golf teaches you how to behave.”  The recipients of this next award embody that quotation.  In 2004 the FCWT began selecting a player who symbolized the “greatest game ever played;” a player who represented the game of golf well under a variety of circumstances.  Many players on the FCWT were nominated for this award this year, because many of our junior golfers are that type of player.

The junior golfers chosen for this award have had good days and bad on the golf course. They’ve been at the top of their game and they have struggled. Yet through it all their demeanor has been fitting of a Champion.

Arnold Palmer is quoted as saying “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character” and that is what this award is about ~ strength of character. This year’s recipients of the FCWT For The Good of the Game Award are:

Trey Davis (Plumas Lake, CA)

Max Meltzer (Corralitos, CA)

All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017

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