FCWT Junior Golfers: Stats and Standings

FCWT junior golfers awards 2016 Tour Championship awards

Each year the FCWT recoginzes junior golfers for their outstanding achievements on and off the golf course. FCWT members earn points in our junior golf tournaments based on their finish.  These points, along with wins, Top 3 finishes, and other statistics are reviewed by the Awards Committee as one component of the end-of-year Awards Recognition.

FCWT Junior Golfers: Point Standings

2018-2019 point standings

2017-2018 point standings

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Learn more about the performance of FCWT Junior Golfers throughout the years.  Statistics include things like birdies, eagles, scoring average and more:

FCWT Junior Golfer: Statistics

2018-2019 stats

2017-2018 stats

2016-2017 stats

2015-2016 stats

2014-2015 stats

2013-2014 stats

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2009-2010 stats

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