FCWT Tour Policies for cancellations, WDs, and more

FCWT Tour Policies PDF

The FCWT Tour Policies for membership and our junior golf tournaments. The FCWT Board of Directors has set forth the following Tour Policies. Please read for information regarding membership, tournaments, cancellations, refunds, and more.


Junior Golfers are eligible to play in FCWT tournaments, if

  • they have not yet graduated from high school and are 9 -19 years of age.
    Players who have already graduated are eligible only if they have not yet reached their 20th birthday and are not full-time students at the collegiate or university level.
  • they have a signed Member Covenant and valid proof of age documentation on file
    (Proof of age documentation is explained in the Member Covenant). The FCWT recommends using a guaranteed carrier for delivery of any items sent to our office.  Items may also be scanned and emailed as attachments to info@fcwtgolf.com



  • Once your membership fee ($195) has been processed, it is non-refundable. Memberships are valid for one season. The membership season ends on May 31st.


Registration Fees

Tournament registration fees are processed six-eight weeks prior to the tournament.  Once a tournament fee has been processed, it is non-refundable.  If a FCWT member needs to cancel their tournament registration, he/she should log into the player’s club with their player id and password and select CANCEL next to the Tournament. A minimum of $150 is forfeited for each tournament cancellation. FCWT members have the opportunity to request one tournament registration transfer per season. (Please see the Membership Benefits page for more information)

  • Cancellations after the online deadline result in forfeiture of the entire tournament fee and must be submitted by email to info@fcwtgolf.com.


Updating a Credit Card
If a player/parent needs to update their credit card information, please

  • log in to the junior golfer’s FCWT player account.
  • In the top right corner click on the circular icon (that looks like a gear),
  • then click on SETTINGS which will take you to MY ACCOUNT.
  • Click on the Transactions link.
  • Choose the correct season
  • and then click on Not Processed,
  • at the bottom of the transaction detail click on Change Credit Card Info.

Reprocessing from Rejected Payments

Due to the increasing cost of credit card processing, the FCWT will reprocess a player’s credit card information one time per season at no charge. All additional reprocessing will be assessed a $50 administration fee.  Please make sure to keep your credit card information updated.

WD from a Tournament


If a player needs to WD from a FCWT junior golf tournament and it is more than 7 days in advance of the practice round,

  • please log in to the Player’s Club with the player’s id and pw and
  • under the TOURNAMENTS tab, click on Cancel next to the tournament.
    If the tournament cancellation deadline has passed, please send an email with the player’s name and the tournament from which they need to WD to info@fcwtgolf.com

Medical/Family Withdrawal

If it is necessary for a player to withdraw from a tournament less than 7 days prior to the practice round due to a medical situation, please send an email to request the form for a credit transfer. Upon receipt of the form, please complete and email it to info@fcwtgolf.com or send by a guaranteed mail carrier to the Florida office within 7 days of the close of the tournament. Please include the player’s name, the name of the tournament and either physician (M.D.) or hospital documentation to substantiate the situation. The request will be reviewed by the Finance Committee which meets once a month.

It is the responsibility of the player to verify receipt of the documentation. The request must be received and processed within 7 days, all requests made after the 7 days will not be eligible for an in-house credit to the player’s FCWT account.If it is necessary for a player to withdraw from a tournament due to a family emergency, please send an email to request the form for a credit transfer.

FCWT Tour Policies PDF