Junior Golf Tournament Media Information

The FCWT is happy to provide junior golf tournament media information to any parent, player, coach or journalist following a FCWT junior golf tournament. Please send the request to info@fcwtgolf.com. Please include the junior golfer’s name and the junior golf tournament of interest.

Parents may provide local media information to the FCWT as well. The FCWT junior golf tour will be happy to send the tournament story and scores via email for any FCWT member.

junior golf tournament media

Post-Tournament FAQs

Does the FCWT send press releases and/or report scores following FCWT junior golf tournaments?

The FCWT does send a scoring report for each FCWT junior golf tournament to both Golfweek and Junior Golf Scoreboard, as well as to a list of college coaches who have requested to receive this information.

College Coaches who wish to be added to this list, please send an email to info@fcwtgolf.com.

Photos and Videos at FCWT Junior Golf Tournaments

Parents: The FCWT is always happy to have additional photos and/or videos from our junior golf tournaments. If you are willing to share your footage with us, please email to fcwt@fcwtgolf.com

If the FCWT takes photos and/or videos that you would like to have, please let us know.

Other Junior Golf Tournament Media

The FCWT also posts a variety of post-tournament information, including scoring, on our home page, to the FCWT News feed, as well as to our other social media outlets such as the FCWT Facebook page, the FCWT Twitter page, and the FCWT Google Plus page.

We will happily send a press release to a sportswriter for you or your player.  Just email us with the email address and name of the contact.

How do I find the slope/rating for my recent FCWT junior golf tournament?

Go to the FCWT leaderboard, then click on your name, then click FULL SCORECARD, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on PRINTABLE scorecard and it will list the slope, rating, etc on this version of the tournament scorecard.