Junior Golf Tournament Practice Round

Each FCWT Junior Golf Tournament Practice Round is scheduled for the day prior to the tournament. Junior Golfers will find information on how to schedule their practice round on the tournament information page for each specific FCWT junior golf tournament.

junior golf tournament practice round

Practice Rounds for FCWT junior golf tournaments

Playing the practice round for a FCWT Junior Golf Tournament is optional.  Junior golfers and their parents may schedule a practice round at their own expense by contacting the host golf club. We recommend that you make your practice round time as soon as permissible by the golf club. [This varies from one month to one week in advance].

To locate more information about your junior golf tournament, go to the Schedule, and click on the link provided. Please see the Tournament Information Page of your specific FCWT junior golf tournament for phone numbers for the host golf club, when junior golfers are allowed to make a practice round tee time, and other pertinent information.

Tournament Yardage

The FCWT Tournament Director will set up the tournament tees on site at the golf course for the Friday practice round.  If you are playing your practice round early, use this guide for yardage:

6600-7200 yards     Boys 15-19 Division
6200-6800 yards     Boys 12-14 Division
5700-6300 yards     Boys 9-11 Division

5700 – 6300 yards    Girls 13-19 Division
5200-5700 yards     Girls 9-12 Division

Player Conduct during a FCWT Junior Golf Tournament Practice Round

It is a privilege for junior golfers to be able to play a practice round at the host golf club. It is very important that you play this round as you would a tournament round. This means that you should not be holding up other golfers on the course by practicing your game. Please be courteous to everyone out there, especially the members or public play who may be playing at the same time you are.  Thank you.

USGA Rule 7 Practice