Junior Golf Tournament Preparation and FAQs

Most junior golfers will have questions about junior golf tournament preparation at one time or another.  So whether you are a seasoned FCWT junior golfer or this is your first season playing FCWT Junior Golf Tournaments, we hope you will find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Junior Golf Tournament Preparation: Recognition

Is this tournament included in AJGA PBE?

The AJGA makes all the decisions regarding their PBE.  The FCWT does publish the information it receives from the AJGA regarding FCWT junior golf tournaments on each tournament information page as a courtesy to its members. To locate a Tournament Information Page, go to our Junior Golf SCHEDULE, then click on Information next to the tournament. Any questions regarding AJGA PBE should be addressed to the AJGA.

Junior Golf Tournament Preparation: Age Division and Yardage

In what age division should I play?

In general, junior golfers participating in FCWT tournaments play in the division for their current age.  Please consider the junior golfer’s age when registering for upcoming tournaments, so that they are placed in the correct age division.  So a 13-year-old boy would play in the Boys 12-14 division.  Any junior golfer who wishes to “play up” to the next division, must submit their request in writing for approval.  Junior Golfers who have received All-FCWT Awards or who have a win in the current season are generally allowed to move up one division.  Please email us at info@fcwtgolf.com for more information.

What yardage does each junior golfer play at a FCWT tournament?

The FCWT Tournament Director sets up the golf course when he/she arrives on site. Then the TD will adjust the yardage, etc. for each age division.  In general, the divisions play the following yardage:

Boys 15-19 division 6600-7200 yards
Boys 12-14 division 6200-6800 yards
Boys 9-11 division 5700 – 6300 yards
Girls 13-19 division 5700-6300 yards
Girls 9-14 division 5200-5700 yards


Junior Golf Tournament Preparation: Specific Questions

I am playing the practice round early, can you tell me what yardage I will be playing?

Please see the yardage box above.  Additionally, you can look at a previous FCWT junior golf tournament at the same venue for a general idea.

How do I find the FCWT Junior Golf Tournament Field?

We post the tournament field online about one month prior to the tournament.  To locate a Tournament Field, go to our Junior Golf SCHEDULE, then click on Information next to the event.  That will take you to the tournament information page.  On the tournament information page look for the PLAYERS box.  Click on View All at the bottom of that box to see an alpha listing of players.  If you click on the arrow next to Division you can sort the players by division.

How do I find my tee time?

We post tee times at noon local time on Thursday prior to a Saturday start.  (Always check the website for updates).  See the instructions above for help finding the tournament information page.  Additionally, junior golfers and their families can download the free FCWT app for their smart phone and check for their tee times using the APP.

FCWT app on iTunes

FCWT app Android

FCWT Junior golf tournaments, FCWT app

What time will the junior golf tournament be over?

The estimated time of completion for the Final Round is 3:30 pm.  However, the FCWT does not recommend making travel arrangements that require departure before 6pm because weather delays and other unanticipated circumstances can delay the start of the final round.

What if I need to CANCEL my tournament registration?

If you need to cancel a tournament registration, please use your id and password and log into the Player’s Club then click on the TOURNAMENTS tab.  Locate the tournament that you need to cancel on the Tournament list and then click the CANCEL button next to that event.  If there is NO cancellation button and it is less than 7 days prior to the tournament, you have missed the cancellation deadline and you will need to send an email to info@fcwtgolf.com with the junior golfer’s name and the name of the junior golf tournament from which he/she is withdrawing.

You will receive an email confirmation if you submit a cancellation through the player’s club.  Please send an email to info@fcwtgolf.com with the junior golfer’s name and the reason for WD if the cancel button is no longer available.

Tournament fees are charged at the time of acceptance.  Tournament fees are non-refundable.

How do I update my credit card information?

If you need to update your credit card information, log in to the Player’s Club with the junior golfer’s id and password and then in the top right corner next to the junior golfer’s name click on the circular icon (it looks like a gear).  Next click on SETTINGS – that will take you to the junior golfer’s My Account section.  Then click on the Transactions link. Next, on the left side of the page click on the link that says Not Processed next to the tournament that you need to update. Finally, at the bottom of that page click on Change Credit Card Info.
Please repeat this process as needed.

When is On-site Registration and what if I cannot attend?

Players do not have to attend Tournament Registration on the practice round day.  If a player cannot make it to the official registration time, then the FCWT recommends that the junior golfer arrive 15 minutes prior to their Round One tee time and let the FCWT staff know that he/she is on site.  The junior golfer can then complete the registration process at the end of Round One, when turning in his/her scorecard.

Junior Golf Tournament Preparation: Tournament Play

Do you allow pull carts during tournament play?

Push and pull carts are permissible during FCWT junior golf tournaments as long as the host facility does not have a rule against them.  FCWT junior golf tournaments do not allow caddies.

Do you allow yardage devices during tournament play?

Beginning in the 2011-2012 FCWT season “a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is 2 strokes with disqualification for subsequent breach regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.” (Appendix I)